Permanent Vacation Radio is a Lake Tahoe perspective on the world at large. The show is irreverent, opinionated, funny and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We discuss the issues you face in your daily lives; we just happen to be fortunate enough to live in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. Oh, we also review craft beers!!!

Who are we?


Kevin Finnen

Professional ‘Narrowcaster’. Kevin has been an on air personality for 101.5 FM  KTKE in Truckee, CA. Kevin produced a classic metal podcast ‘The Mighty Metal Show’ as an homage to a popular metal show he grew up listening to in Southern California. He has a long career in the wintersports industry and is a passionate skier and watersports instructor. When he is not working on Permanent Vacation Radio, he is listening to classic metal and prog music, trying to be a drummer, listening to other podcasts, enjoying fine craft beer and generally thinking of funny things to say.


AK – Alicia Kramer



Mr. D – Dennis Alexander

Born to be wild, Mr.D landed in the Tahoe basin 20 years ago from Long Beach,CA. He started his radio career actually as Kevin’s sidekick, his Ed McMahon if you will, at Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5FM. This spring-boarded him to doing is own show ‘Deep Tracks with Mr. D’. Listeners quickly became fans of his diverse music collection, band and music knowledge, personal concert experiences and fun facts. Ever since his first Kiss concert in 1977 he has never looked back, and to date has attended thousands of concerts; everything from Grateful Dead to Tool! Now Mr. D has joined two of the funniest people he knows, Kevin and AK, to bring you into their world of nonsense and beer.